Shaun The Sheep V – London Calling

Fans of the band The Jam will be familiar with a song about life in London called ‘Strange Town’.

One of the lyrics to the brilliant song goes,’ I got blisters on my feet, trying find a friend in Oxford Street’.

Well, I got blisters on my feet, trying to find a statue of a ceramic sheep!

I hobbled around for two and a half hours to bring you the critters in Broadgate, Bishopsgate, Barbican (or should that be Baa-bican?), Trafalgar Square, The Mall and St James Park. OK so I did use a couple of buses and an underground train, but still it was pretty painful stuff.

I was however rewarded with some of the best Shauns that I have seen, including the two that hothooved away from Covent Garden to pastures new in the City.

So without further adieu, here goes……


Candy Baa


Another One Rides The Bus


Counting Sheep




Me Llamo Shaun


Happy & Glorious



  1. Such a fun day out, cannot wait until they hit the streets of Bristol! Check out my blog if you get a chance!

  2. Not as far as I am aware. They all leave 31st May and there will be 70 more appearing in Bristol in the Summer.

  3. Is there one at Lambeth Palace

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