Flying Over London

A few days ago I posted some pictures of my recent travels along the Thames by riverboat. Another alternative way to see London is via the Emirates Air Line, a cable car connecting North Greenwich near the O2 Arena with Royal Victoria and its connections with the DLR.

For a £3.40 supplement over your Travelcard you can take to the air for the short crossing over the Thames.

This affords you some fabulous views over London, especially the Docklands & the Thames Flood Barrier.

Come fly with me……….

Emirates Emirates2 Emirates3 Emirates4 Emirates5 Emirates6 Emirates7 Emirates8 Emirates9 Emirates10 Emirates11 Emirates12 Emirates13 Emirates14


  1. Great post! Had heard alot about the Airline but wasn’t sure if it was for me, maybe I’ll have to have another look!

    1. It only lasts a few minutes but is worth the effort, especially on a sunny day.

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