The ancient site of Palmyra in Syria is in grave danger of being destroyed. I am praying that it is not, but really fear that the wonderful ruins will be lost for ever to future generations to be amazed by.

I was fortunate enough to visit in May 2009 and here are a few pictures from the wonderful place taken by me and Hamish…..

Palmyra Palmyra1 Palmyra2 Palmyra3 Palmyra4 Palmyra5 Palmyra6 Palmyra7 Palmyra8 Palmyra9 Palmyra10 Palmyra11 Palmyra12 Palmyra13 Palmyra14 Palmyra15 Palmyra17 Palmyra18 Palmyra19 Palmyra20 Palmyra21 Palmyra22 Palmyra23 Palmyra24

And a link to the BBC article here – BBC Palmyra


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    Sadly the predictions have come true. I am deeply saddened by it, yet another blow to a wonderful nation.

  2. Great pictures. I fear for its survival!

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