In 1998 my regular travel buddy Hamish and I toured Peru. During our first week in the most beguiling country we decided to take in the mythical Nazca Lines.

The Lines are giant sketches carved into the desert floor depicting the likes of a monkey, a whale, lizard, a spider and many more. Each carving was gigantic and best viewed from the air. Nobody knew who was responsible for the incredible creations.


A Giant Hummingbird

Our wings to the sights would be a Cessna. We boarded excitedly and zoomed starwards. All was well until such time us the pilot tipped the plane sideways at all angles to get the best views of the drawings. This was all too much for Hamish who suffered badly from motion sickness, albeit usually upon the waves.

As we twisted this way & that way and scrambled to get the best shots of the giant etchings, Hamish was going pale and then a shade of green, before he spent the rest of the flight groaning loudly and filling sick bags with the bananas he had consumed earlier!

After the sight-seeing, rather than recounting the amazing things we had seen as expected, I had to wait whilst my buddy laid sprawled out on the mini airport lounge floor. That was until the tour company insisted he move into their office lest he put off other would be paying customers!

Peru 1-1

The Aftermath!


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  1. Food poisoning? Altitude sickness? Or motion sickness? I love Peru, and I wish I had been able to see the Nazca lines. I hear they’re amazing.

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