The April A-Z Challenge

I am taking the challenge this year starting on April Fools Day to post a different blog every weekday starting with A on 1st April and culminating with Z on 30th April. Click on APRIL A-Z for more details.

The theme for my A-Z will be transportation directly connected to my own travels over the years.



From Aircraft Carrier to Zeppelin – pay Wilbur’s Travels a visit during April to see what makes my list.


  1. So happy I came across your blog! So many great stories you have to share! I look forward to reading more! 🙂

  2. That is very interesting challenge and also a commitment! Best wishes for the challenge, Wilbur!

    1. Thanks – I have written most of them now.

    2. Indah, you will be pleased to see Rotterdam gets a thumbs up!

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