Greater London Art Deco Buildings by Gregory Edwards

With this post I wanted to highlight the works of my very good and talented friend Gregory Edwards.

Gregory has spent years taking photographs of the exteriors and interiors of Greater London’s Art Deco buildings. This has been a real labour of love and he has now started to bring out a series of Apple e-books that you can download. Click on London Art Deco for more details.


I have downloaded the books and they really are brilliant. Gregory has now got me in the habit of continually looking upwards to spot the finer details of buildings (apologies to anybody that I have bumped into crossing London Bridge)!

I am also constantly on the hunt to find the buildings and features that he has photographed, especially around the City of London where I work.


So much more satisfying than a hunt for Paddington Bear or Shaun the Sheep statues, which are here today, gone tomorrow and pretty crowded as well (I do find tracking & photographing these fun too however)!

I would urge you to take a look and start discovering some unknown gems for yourself.



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  1. I love art deco too. 🙂 I’ll take a look at the downloads.

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