Kids of the World

One of the great pleasures of travelling away from the Western European culture is to see how kids in (financially) poorer countries enjoy their simple lifestyle. No computers, no electronic games, no burger chains, no fizzy drinks, no gimme gimme gimme attitude, no stress.

Here are a few shots taken of kids on my travels enjoying the simpler side of life.


Peru 15

Taken at the Uros Floating Islands in Peru on Lake Titticaca. This young man sold me a hand drawn postcard (pictured). As a bonus I gave him a sweet in its wrapper. Ninety minutes later, he still had not eaten the sweet, content to just look at it and roll it around in his hands. I am sure he REALLY savoured it later that day!

 Dedicated Student


This delightful young lady was captured on a train between Aleppo and Latakia in Syria. She travelled with her grandmother and spent the journey doing her school homework and munching on a whole cucumber for her lunch.

Play Mates 


An old inner tube on the Mekong River in Luang Prabang was all these kids needed for hours of fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This trio in La Paz, Bolivia shared the little fabric animal toy that the middle girl is holding. Photo credit goes to my regular travel buddy, Hamish.

Train Spotters

Peru 14-1

These kids were totally beguiled by the tourists on the Puno-Cusco Express. They asked for nothing but received sweets and pens.

Granddad’s Treat


Twenty Minutes Of Thrills In A Lviv (Ukraine) Hire Car



Taken in 1997 in a village near Jaipur, these kids were enthralled to see their mates through the viewfinder of my old SLR.

More Entrepreneurs


These happy girls were selling seashells on the beach at Pangandaran, Indonesia, 1997

God Save Our Gracious Queen


We chanced upon this school group at a tea plantation near Bogor, Indonesia. They were exultant to meet two English guys and took our photos, collected our autographs and requested we sing the National Anthem to them, which we happily obliged to do (after I taught Hamish the words)!  Magic moments!

 Paper, Stone, Scissors


It works in any language – this time Vietnamese in a village just outside Da Lat

Mud, Glorious Mud


Who needs toys when you have wonderful dirt? The village outside Da Lat again.

OK, Maybe The Occasional Fizzy Drink


Finishing my drink, village near Luang Prabang, Laos

Another Entrepreneur


Making & Selling Offerings To Buddha, Luang Prabang

Tea Time


Look at those funny looking Westerners on the bus from Vientiane, Laos

Hat Trick

Morocco 179

This young lady tried on Mrs Wilbur’s hat and then promptly ran away, not to return until after we had left! Goodbye hat. Ouzoud Falls, Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

So there you have a selection of my favourite travel photos showing kids at work & play. The West could learn a few things about enjoying a simpler lifestyle.


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  1. This is such a wonderful post. Really enjoyed it. You’re right – it’s so lovely to see kids just enjoying the simple pleasures in life – I particularly love the one of the boy finishing your drink in Laos! Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

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