The Acropolis Museum

So now I feel a little more educated, after visiting the comprehensive museum.

Having whisked past all the pots and urns as usual (a cooking pot is a cooking pot, whatever the age, in my opinion), we headed upstairs to the floor dedicated to the Parthenon and the Parthenon Sculptures.


So often when I visit the wonders of the classic civilisations, I find it difficult to imagine how the original masterpiece would have looked. Even the most vivid imaginations are tested to picture a few columns and rocks as a Roman village or Greek temple.

Not so here with the scale reproductions that are on display. OK, so the Parthenon is more in tact than many, but it is good to see the artist’s impression of how it would have appeared in all of its glory.



Naturally, spaces have been left to accommodate the missing items of Acropolis antiquity, but I learned that it is not only the UK, but others such as Germany, Denmark, France, The Vatican and Austria who also have items that the Greeks would dearly like back.

The argument against the potential free-for-all of countries demanding their treasures back is founded on such facts – it could lead to claims from every corner of the globe. However, this Brit is not for turning. The UK government would set a wonderful example if we gave the Marbles back and surely it could be seen as a one off, as far as Britain is concerned?

Their return would represent a huge moment of triumph in a country that deserves some cheering up. Would the UK public really miss them that much? I don’t think so.

Anyway back to the museum, an informative film show not only gave respite to tired feet, but also informed the likes of me who were far too lazy to read the plentiful information that accompanied every exhibit.

No photos said the signs everywhere, but just like the no smoking signs that adorn every bar and cafe in Athens, they were totally ignored. Thankfully nobody ventured to smoke inside the museum though.

What the heck, when in Rome!




A very worthwhile experience all round, capped by managing to escape the museum shop without spending a cent. Wonders never cease!


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  2. hahaha good that no one decided to smoke there 😀
    Thanks for taking the shots for us!

    Happy New Year and thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes 🙂


  3. ha ha – on the cooking pot statement, I so know what you mean. I’ve not been here but it looks fascinating #mondayescapes

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