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Monday Morning Blues – The Tree of Life, Surrey Downs, UK

This week’s picture comes a ten minute walk from home on the beautiful Surrey Downs.

Monday Morning Blues – Surrey Downs, UK

This week’s ‘blue’ picture comes from very close to home. In fact I walked there doing my daily lockdown exercise on Saturday. I hope that everybody is keeping fit & healthy in these challenging times. Wilbur.

Friday Photo – Bambi in the Meadow

This a shot that my Greek friend Theo took as we were out walking my dog in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Snow Go Zone

There is only one thing to do if you wake up on a Sunday morning in Surrey to find it has snowed overnight – get out into it! So, that’s what I did this morning, taking my tablet out with me to record the fact. Sadly the two deer that bounded out of woods right […]

On The Doorstep….

Having returned from South East Asia a couple of weeks ago, it was back home to the Surrey Downs. The first venture out was on a gorgeous Autumn day, the second stroll in the countryside this weekend was somewhat wetter, but bracingly wonderful all the same. No temples or monks to be seen maybe, however […]

Chaldon Church

Having lived in Coulsdon, Surrey for over five years, I finally ventured to the Church of St Peter & St Paul’s, a couple of miles away in Chaldon. It was a visit worth waiting for. The church itself was pleasant enough, built in the 10th century in Saxon style.     What is remarkable however is […]