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Minsk Circus

In 2012 I travelled to Minsk by train from Kaliningrad and amongst the fabulous things to do in the Belarus capital was a visit to the circus. The performance was great, but just as memorable was the purpose built venue and the fabulous statues that adorned its outside. Take a look…. You can read more […]

My Forthcoming Book Extract Three – On A Tram In Odesssa

To set the scene, Hamish & I were headed to the bus station with dread in our hearts as we were booked on an overnight bus to Sevastopol due to all the trains being fully booked……… The tram ride to the bus station was hell. The tram was as packed as before, but this time […]


I visited Mostar during a trip to the former Yugoslavia in October 2007. What a wonderful place, which has bounced back from a troubled past to become a thriving compact city once more. This is typified by its famous bridge over the River Neretva, which was completely destroyed in the ’90s conflict but has been built back […]


Thank you once more to Gypsy Woman for nominating me for the Black & White Challenge. It has been fun and got me looking back through some of my photos and stirring some great memories. I started with boats so I thought it apt to finish with them too. I am actually cheating somewhat as I will […]

Kaliningrad, Russia - Maritime Museum At Sunset


This is a picture taken of the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad, whilst stood outside my hotel. You can see in the distance the vessels that make up the maritime museum, which I visited. The vessel in the middle is a Foxtrot class submarine. I clambered aboard and with just a few tourists it felt cramped, so […]

Stari Grad, Sarajevo

Ancient features of the Bosnian capital’s Old Town.        

Rural Moldova

I visited Moldova, Europe’s poorest country in monetary terms, in 2011. It was a brilliant experience and my favourite part was getting into the countryside to see farming carried out the old traditional way. Here are a few pictures – you will be able to read more about the journey in my forthcoming book.

Flagging In Eastern Europe

These are some of my favourite flags that I have taken during my European travels. Do you recognise them? A clue – they are all from countries that will be featured in my forthcoming book.

Wilbur Arrival By Train, Yerevan, Armenia From Batumi, Georgia

Travels In Eastern Europe

Exciting news! I made the deal to publish my new book last night so should be on for the spring. It will be an approximately 300 page paperback and an e-book. Now time to crack on with final editing, cover design, picture selection etc. I will keep the website posted with progress and also post […]


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