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My Top 10 Big Cities Outside Europe #9 Hanoi

#9 – Hanoi, Vietnam (population 7.8 million) The capital of Vietnam is situated in the north of the country and despite its smaller size it is altogether far less frenzied than Ho Chi Minh City down south, which has a population in excess of 10 million. I visited the previously war torn nation in 1998 […]

A-Z April Challenge – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi

Ho Chi is to Vietnam what Lenin is to Russia. Indeed, just like the Russian revolutionary, Ho Chi Minh has been preserved with chemicals and lies in state in a purpose built mausoleum in the Vietnamese capital. An irony then that to coincide with my visit to Hanoi in November 1998, the Great Minh had […]

Friday Photo

I took this photo of a mobile fruit vendor in Hanoi in November 1998. It was raining stair-rods and while us soft travellers took shelter, this lady needed to get somewhere and she was not about to let a monsoon stop her! It was the time of Vietnam’s worst ever floods and had quite an […]


I could happily write about a multitude of rail journeys to count as my ‘R’ entry, but have chosen Vietnam’s Reunification Express. Hamish & I took the train from Hue to Ha Noi in 1998 as part if our tour up Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City. This was an overnight journey on the train […]