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The Khan's Palace, Bakhchysarai, Crimea

Ukraine Tour 2011 Part 4 – Bakhchiseray & Sevastopol

Continuing the recount of my tour of Ukraine over a decade ago. See my previous posts from Odesa, Sevastopol Arrival and Balaklava. Khan Do Attitude Bakhchiseray is a stop off on the main line from Sevastopol to Simferopol in Crimea. Back we went to the scene of the previous day’s hell. I was pleased to […]

Submarine Base Entrance Balaclava, Crimea, Ukraine

Ukraine Trip 2011 Part 3 – Balaklava in Crimea

Continuing our wonderful trip to Ukraine from over ten-years ago. Picking up where we left off, we had at last found a hotel in Sevastopol after a horrid overnight bus journey from Odesa, followed by a frustrating time at the train station trying to procure train tickets to Lviv. The Balaclava Hemet A sixty-minute kip […]

A-Z April Challenge – X Is For eX-Submarine Base In Balaclava, Crimea

Balaclava Submarine Base Museum

The Nuclear Submarine Base, Balaclava, Crimea

This account was from 2011. Balaclava, Ukraine Having suffered an excruciating arrival into Sevastopol by overnight bus from Odessa followed by a stressful two hours trying to secure train tickets to Lviv a few days hence and finally taking 90 minutes to find a hotel with vacancies, we would finally have a fabulous treat in […]