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In The Lebanon – Part One

Whilst growing up, Lebanon was synonymous with the civil war which divided Beirut into East & West sections, Druze militia, Hezbollah and kidnappings. The Human League famously sang, “who will have won, when the soldiers have gone, in the Lebanon?” Well I won’t debate the answer to that one, but peace was restored in 1990. […]

My Top 15 Travel Pleasures – 9 to 7

9. Riding Unusual Transport You tend to try new modes of transport on your travels, be they animal (elephant in Laos, donkey in Luxor, camel in Wadi Rum), man powered (cyclo in Saigon, rickshaw in Singapore, canoe in Vietnam) or mechanical (street car in Hong Kong, felucca in Aswan, helicopter in Monaco). My favourite mode […]

Friday Photo – 8

This photo was taken in May 2000 in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. We had hired the taxi driver to take us from Beirut to the Roman ruins at Baalbek and the Umayyad ruins of Anjar. The driver amused us all day by constantly wiggling his little finger in his right ear, presumably due to an itch. At times […]