Dark Beer In Eastern Europe

A feature of my regular travels in Eastern Europe with my buddy Hamish is to hunt out the local dark brew, infinitely preferable to the gassy blonde variety.

In my forthcoming book I rate twenty-two different dark beers, with an undisputed number one amongst them regaled within my musings.

The darker beers tend to be stronger than their fairer cousins – a fact that has led Hamish and I into a bit of trouble related to over-indulgence on more than one occasion!

All will be revealed in ‘On The Beaten Track, Travels In Eastern Europe’, but in the meantime here are a few pictures (apologies for the quality of some of them, however I am sure you will understand!).


Velebitsko, Croatia


Sarajevska Pivara, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Nikšićko, Montenegro


EFES, Turkey (very special as consumed in a ‘dry’ hotel)


Silva, Romania


Beer House Dark, Moldova


Lvivske, Ukraine


Ksiazece, Poland


Baltijos, Lithuania


Samson, Czech Republic

alvaria porter

Alvaria Porter, Belarus

zatecky gus Russian 9

Zatecky Gus, Russia


Hmel Gypsy, Russia


Korça, Albania



  1. I’ve had the Sarajevska, Efes, and Ksiazece – loved them all! Don’t forget to try a Laško next time you’re in Slovenia!

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  2. Eastern Europe: Where a half liter of beer is LITERALLY cheaper than water. Even in capitals like Prague, Warsaw, Sarajevo, and Bucharest, the cost of a half liter draft (dark or light) was less than a small bottle of the cheapest local mineral water!


  3. envy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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