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Hi, my name is Will Linsdell and I am an independent author, creator of Hornbill Publishing and the Wilbur behind Wilbur’s Travels.

Uzbekistan Railways

Arrival into Urganch, Uzbekistan, October 2018

I set up Hornbill Publishing in London initially to publish a book about another love of mine, following Manchester City Football Club.

This is How it Feels to be City Book Manchester City

My First Book

I followed this up with a travel book, more specifically a train travel book.

This follows my train travels in every country in the Balkans and will be the first in a series that will also include train travels behind the old Iron Curtain and separately within the former Soviet Union.

Travelling By Train Across The Balkans Will Linsdell Amazon

Wilbur’s Travels Part One

My latest effort is my first fictional book which will be published shortly.

Set mainly in South East Asia, Drip by Drip is a crime drama involving an average middle class English couple who unwittingly subject themselves to a terrifying ordeal.

Drip by Drip Will Linsdell Amazon

An Asian Adventure

Full details of my books can be found on the individual book pages on this site and all are or will be available from Amazon in both ebook & paperback formats.

Hornbill Publishing only features my own works at the moment, which I am actively working on increasing.

In time I hope to include other independent authors on the label and in the meantime I will be reviewing books that I read from time to time.

To kick things off I am honoured to feature a brilliant series of books on the Hidden Cities label that highlight the array of wonderful Art Deco architecture in London.

The ebooks from South London author Gregory Edwards are a painstaking labour of love and well worth a look. See the Hidden Cities page for details.

Hidden Cities Art Deco Book London Apple Books

Free Introductory Book

Thank you for reading and head over to www.hornbillpublishing.co.uk for news of the release of Drip by Drip and other publications, plus book reviews and other book related topics.

Will Linsdell


“I hate feeling at home when I am abroad”


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