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Michael Palin & I exchange signed books!

Read the Opening chapters for free by downloading ‘Now Boarding, The Eastern European Express’, from Smashwords.

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“An enjoyable read, I especially liked the quippy little self-deprecating moments and the described grittiness of Eastern Europe, which still has a very distinct flavour and makes for good travel reading.

I especially enjoyed Will’s description of Budapest as it brought back vivid pictures of my own visit there.”

Michael Fraiman, Author of A Long Way Back: Stories of Travelling Home’.

This is my second published book, but first travel related effort, following the release of the football related ‘This is How it Feels to be City’ in 2012.

Featuring thousands of miles of rail travel and a fair few dark beers, the book will hopefully make you laugh at our frequent mishaps, smile at the eccentric characters we meet, think about conflicts & disasters past and present, plus give you some ideas for your own travels.


The Eastern Europe Tour T-Shirt

Albania Croatia Transdnistr Greece Turkey Moldova Romania Montenegro

Czech Republic Bulgaria Hungary Ukraine Bosnia & Herzegovina

Estonia Lithuania Belarus Kaliningrad Slovenia Russia

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Slovakia Serbia Poland

Armenia Georgia


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Selected Photos



Monastery In Kiev


Snowy Tracks In Eastern Turkey


Mostar Diving Club, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Gdansk Waterfront, Poland


Split Waterfront, Croatia


Tallinn Old Town, Estonia


Armenian Colours On Independence Day, Yerevan


Elderly Men Play Backgammon, Georgia

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