A Shameless Plug!

What can you buy for £3 nowadays?

A meal deal – not bad, but gone in 3 minutes; a butterscotch latte with whipped cream – delish, but bad for your figure and gone in 10 minutes; 3 ceramic animals from Poundland for your garden – seemingly a bargain, but they would last only until such time that you realise they are pretty ghastly really and therefore bin them before hopefully the neighbours notice!

On the other hand, £2.84 will get you a download of my 550 page e-book On The Beaten Track – Travels in Eastern Europe, a book created from 3 years of writing, 25 years of travelling in 25 countries, 15,000km of train travel, countless comic moments and yours truly laid to bare on several occasions.

Give it a go – you might quite like it!


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